Here is an overview of paths through the quantum computing section.

Anything which is extra credit should be skipped until the end. Nothing cumulatively builds on these and so to reach the plateau of this assignment and to maximize points you should leave them until the end!

Template for Solution Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16SjjSvR1M8UsBODIqGr59LBb-UaDIEG_1CzB4-wrKeY/edit#

Shor's Algorithm

Week 1: Build a quantum computing simulator

Week 2: Master Phase Estimation

Week 3: Shor's Algorithm


We have heard that you can build any unitary matrix $U$ from H,P, CNOT. Work through here how this works:

More Circuits

Other Extensions

None of these are written yet but with a little googling you could do them.