Quantum Information and Quantum Entanglement

University of Illinois: July 15-19

The conference will be in room: 276 Loomis Laboratory of Physics

We will be holding a workshop on quantum information and entanglement with a strong thematic focus on Tensor Networks. This conference will span a wide array of practitioner ranging from those thinking about holography to implementation of PEPS to tensor decompositions.

The format of this conference is somewhat unusual: All talks will be chalkboard talks with the expectation that there will be a significant amount of discussion/interruption involved during the talks.



Bora Bosa: Classification of non-local actions: Area versus volume law of entanglement entropy
Isaac Kim: Tensor network and noisy quantum computer
Potential Discussion Theme: Tensor Networks for Quantum Computers


Tom Faulkner: A canonical purification for the entanglement wedge
Curt von Keyserling: Sub-ballistic growth of Rényi entanglement in quantum systems with diffusive transport
Potential Discussion Theme: Entanglement in holography


Roger Mong: Quantum dynamics of (pre)thermalizing systems
Andreas Ludwig: : Entanglement Transitions from Random Tensor Networks
Potential Discussion Theme: Entanglement Transitions in Quantum Circuits and Random Tensor Networks; Entanglement in MBL


Romain Vasseaur: Entanglement Transitions
Steve White: Using DMRG for electronic structure: gausslet basis sets
Bela Bauer: Matrix product state algorithms for Gaussian fermionic states
Potential Discussion Theme: Tensor Networks for Free Fermions


Edgar Solomonik: Tensor Decomposition Algorithms
Katie Hyatt: DMRG Approach to Optimizing Two-Dimensional Tensor Networks
Potential Discussion Theme: Efficient PEPS

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