Selected Talks

The Numerics of Entanglement Phase Transitions
Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS)[talk]

Machine Learning Quantum Matter and Quantum Computing
NCSA AI Seminar[talk,video]

VMC in the era of ML: From wavefunctions for Fermions to supervised wave-function optimization.
Flatiron: Machine Learning for Quantum Simulation[talk,video]

Variational Wavefunctions in the era of AI
Yale (virtually)[talk]

Resonances in MBL (+ other thoughts about MBL)
GGI, Florence (June 2019) [talk]

Resonances and Renormalizing Tensor Networks in Many Body Localization
ICMT/Perimeter Workshop on Quantum Matter (Nov. 2018) [talk]

Tensor Networks, resonances, and bulk geometry in Many Body Localizations
Dynamics of Quantum Information - KITP (October 2018) [talk]

Beyond Many Body Localization
APS March Meeting (2019) [talk]

The Wellspring of all Phases on the Kagome Lattice
Washington University in St. Louis (Nov. 2018) [talk]
Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (Wed. April 17, 2018) [talk]
International Conference on Magnetism (July 2018) [talk]
Blue Waters Symposium (June 2018)[talk]
Microsoft Research (June 2017) [talk]
Iowa State (December 1, 2016) [talk]
Princeton Center for Theoretical Science (May 2016)[talk]

Frustrated Magnetism on the Stuffed Honeycomb Lattice
Florida State University (Nov. 2018) [talk]

Program Introduction by Organizers(s)
INT Conference on Quantum Computing (July 2018) [talk]

Backflow Transformations via Neural Network for Quantum Many-Body Wave-Functions
... [poster]

Hunting Hamiltonians and Beyond
... [poster]

Hunting for Hamiltonians
APS March Meeting 2018, Los Angeles - given by Eli Cherktov [talk]

A computational approach to the inverse problem of unconventional superconductivity
APS March Meeting 2017 - given by Eli [talk]

Exploring one-particle orbitals in large many-body localized systems
APS March Meeting 2018 (Given by Benjamin) [talk]

Artificial Neural Networks as Variational Ansatz
APS March Meeting 2018 - Given by Dima Kochkov [talk]

Infinite Temperature Quantum Mechanics: How Short Quantum Circuits Lead to the Breakdown of Statistical Physics and Other Stories about Many Body Localization
Urbana Colliquium (January 2018) [talk]

Tensor Networks for the MBL phase: Simulating the Breakdown of Statistical Mechanics and the Presence of Quantum Effects at Infinite Temperature
Indiana University, Bloomington - Condensed Matter Seminar [talk]

From variational ansatz to 'exact' results: a numerical exploration of models of strongly correlated systems
... [poster]

New Finite Temperature Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems
Stochastic Methods in Electronic Structure Theory - Telluride [talk]

A Panoply Of New (Wave-Function Based) Methods
Telluride Conference on Green’s Function (August 2016) [talk]

QMC for Strongly Correlated Systems
Columbia University [talk]

Combining QMC and Tensor Networks as a route toward predictive computing
... [poster]

Algorithms for simulating quantum mechanics
... [talk]
How best to attenuate the exponential barrier
Simon’s Meeting (September 2014) [talk]

High Accuracy Electronic Structure
ES12: Wake Forest University [talk]

High Pressure, high temperature water
CPMD - University of Chicago [talk]

Bridging the Computational Chasm
... [poster]

Connecting Microsocopics To Emergent Phenomena
Blue Waters Symposium [talk]

MBL and Tensor Networks
KITP (2015) [talk]

Tensor Network Approaches to Many-Body Localization
APS March Meeting 2016 - given by Xiongjie [talk]

DMRG Study of Many-Body Localization
APS March Meeting 2015 - given by Xiongjie [talk]

MBL Through MPS
Dresden Conference on Nonlinear Physics at the Nanoscale (May 15, 2014) [talk]

Can one do Quantum Chemistry with Small Quantum Computers?
Boston CCP 2014 [talk]

Can one do Quantum Chemistry with Small Quantum Computers?
Aspen Quantum Algorithms [talk]

High Pressure Water, Quantum Computers, and More
ESIG [talk]

Frustrated Magnetism in Materials with Kagome Lattice
UIUC (Feb 28, 2013) [talk]

Strongly Correlated Phases in Layered Materials
Carnegie Mellon University (January 30, 2012) [talk]

From the Honeycomb to the Kagome: What can Wave-Functions teach us about Spin Liquids and How to Go Beyond Them
Perimeter (Dec 12, 2011) [talk]

... [talk]

Quantum Ramps in the Transverse Field Ising Model
CUNY Meeting on Non-Equilibrium [talk]

Open Source Code for Path Integral Monte Carlo
... [poster]